There are different types of adjustable suspension systems, from adjustable coil-overs that are less expensive that must be adjusted with a special wrench from outside the car, to airbag systems that are instantly adjustable from inside the car that provide a stock ride feel but allow you do slam the vehicle to the ground when you want, and even hydraulic systems that allow you hop your car or ride on three wheels. It all depends on how you want your car to ride and how much adjust-ability you want.


Coil Overs – Adjustable coil overs are used mainly on sports cars where the owner wants to be able to adjust the height of the car from time to time but still retain very good ride quality.  Many times the suspension is even better than stock for better handling but possibly a harsher ride.  Coil-overs let you adjust the height of the car before going to the track to lower the center of gravity or raise it before going on a road trip to save your wheels from pot holes and bumps.

Adjustable Air Shocks – Adjustable Air Shocks are like normal shocks and are simpler to install than other adjustable suspension systems but they still need an air supply and air lines.  However you don’t typically need much custom fabrication and installation that is usually required with other adjustable suspension setups.

Air Bag Suspensions – Air bag suspensions are the most common for people who want to be able to get their car to lay as low as possible on when parked but still be able to raise it up to drive-able levels.  Some more popular cars and trucks have ready made systems that can bolt right on the the stock components to aide in the installation process but if you can’t find a kit for your car or can’t afford one you will probably be doing a lot of custom fabrication to get your air bag setup installed and working properly.  It is also expensive and difficult to get an air bag setup that rides comfortably so if you don’t want to spend massive amounts of money it may ride bumpier than normal.

Hydraulics – Everybody has seen the hydraulic cars and trucks at the lowrider shows, with trunks full of batteries that can hop as high as high as the person standing next to it. The problem with hydraulics is that they need massive amounts of batteries as well as the pumps to pump the hydraulic fluid around the car to the wheels you want.  It has much more pressure that air ride systems but you still need a tank for the fluid as well as batteries for the power and a much higher alternator to provide all that juice.  You don’t necesarily need to gut the car and fill the whole thing with batteries and pumps but you will need to put them somewhere.  Hydraulic suspensions are also pretty harsh but allow you to do cool things like hop your car fast and ride with three wheels and one up in the air.  Although systems like this can cost a lot of money and will be very hard on your vehicle so it isn’t really recommended for daily driver cars.  That is why you usually only see hydraulics on show cars and cars that are rarely driven.



As you can see there are different types of adjustable suspension systems for all kinds of people and cars.  If you want your car to go up and down there is a system for it, it just depends on how much you want to spend and how good the ride quality will be.